We're Chromium and Mozilla Experts Obsessed with Online Privacy and Security.

We've built browsers for different platforms and devices including Windows, OSX, iOS, and Android.
We've built virtual browsers, complex browser extensions, massive web applications, proxy networks of hundreds of nodes, and more.

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With the extraordinary amount of online tracking by governments, internet service providers, and data collectors, we felt a browser should tackle the privacy problem directly and built the Epic Privacy Browser six years ago.

Other browsers' private browsing modes are ineffective. When you close your Incognito window, your browsing history is still on your local computer and your whole session was tracked and saved by Google, your ISP and hundreds of data collectors. In Epic we built a browser which protects you against such pervasive tracking.

Epic is driven by a few principles:
What you browse online should always be private.
Epic should be private by design.
Epic should 'just work' requiring no settings changes and without breaking the internet.



Alok Bhardwaj, Founder

Technology & Privacy Enthusiast


Rob Malda, Advisor

Slashdot, Founder

douglas rushkoff

Douglas Rushkoff, Advisor

Privacy Advocate & Tech Author

Alok founded Hidden Reflex and leads our team of fantastic engineers there. Alok was born in Texas and grew up in Virginia and Kansas. He began programming on an NEC personal computer running CPM at the age of 11. After earning a degree in philosophy from Princeton University, he worked in finance mostly with technology companies and in education as a teacher.

When Epic was launched, most of the tech industry found it laughable that anyone would ever care about online privacy. Slashdot founder Rob Malda and technologist Douglas Rushkoff were among those who believed in our mission from the start and have supported us for years. Graham Holdings (NYSE: GHC) also believed in online privacy and provided seed funding for Hidden Reflex several years ago. The new focus of the tech industry on data privacy is a validation of our mission. We continue to believe the internet is the most important medium for humanity and that protecting online freedom is critical.

Privacy and Freedom

Why Online Privacy Matters

Without online privacy, we don't have online freedom. Privacy is that space for free thought, association and exploration. The goal of a surveillance system is not to catch you doing something wrong, but to make some ideas or thoughts "disappear" through self-censorship and eventual suppression.

Our Founder Alok spoke at TEDx on Privacy & Freedom.

Net Neutrality

Understanding Net Neutrality and Net Prejudice

This essay by our founder Alok explains the net neutrality debate from the bottom-up (e.g. from the way the internet, a packet-switching network, works). Defining net neutrality as the idea that every packet must be treated equally, there's an alternative, net prejudice, in which packets can be treated prejudicially (or preferentially depending on your perspective). Through analyzing the technologies involved, the essay arrives at conclusions that protections are needed (e.g. legislation) not so much to protect net neutrality but rather to protect against rent-seeking net prejudice. These protections won't inhibit any technological innovation (e.g. IPv6 which provides for quality of service or net prejudice) nor provide any disincentives to telecommunications infrastructure investment.

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Profile: As a developer, you'll be working on products that hundreds of thousands of people use every single day. It's both a great challenge and opportunity. You'll work on the Chromium platform to build desktop and mobile browsers as well as Mozilla for our iOS browser.

Qualifications: You should have a deep knowledge of computer science fundamentals particularly object-oriented programming, algorithms, and data structures. You should have extensive experience coding in an at least one OOP language such as C++ or Java. Knowledge of other programming languages and programming paradigms such as functional programming (haskell, ocaml, etc.), imperative programming (C), and others is helpful. You should take product ownership, love to solve complex problems, and work well with a team as well as independently.

We have a development & marketing team based in Bangalore, India. We also work with remote team members around the world. If new challenges and tirelessly building new products excites you, reach out to us at jobs at hiddenreflex dot com.

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Qualifications: You should have excellent communication and writing skills, and a polite, professional demeanor. If you're ready for a new adventure, tell us about your vision and what you've accomplished at the email jobs at hiddenreflex dot com.