The Epic Privacy Browser is the first web browser
built on Chromium dedicated to protecting your privacy.

In ordinary browsers you're being tracked thousands of
times by hundreds of organizations everyday.

Epic stops tracking. We believe what you browse
and search online should always be private.

We're The Creators Of The Epic Privacy Browser

Against Fee-Based and other Pernicious Net Prejudice: An Explanation and Examination of the Net Neutrality Debate :

This essay by Alok explains the net neutrality debate from the bottom-up (e.g. from the way the internet, a packet-switching network, works) in a simple way anyone can understand. The approach of beginning with the simplest premises and assumptions on how the internet works provides a very new framework for the debate and leads to interesting, new conclusions.
To summarize the argument, defining net neutrality as the idea that every packet must be treated equally, there's an alternative, net prejudice, in which packets can be treated prejudicially (or preferentially depending on your perspective!). Through analyzing the kinds of technologies involved in sincere and rent-seeking net prejudice, the essay arrives at conclusions that protections are needed (e.g. legislation) not so much to protect net neutrality but rather to protect against pernicious net prejudice, and these protections won't inhibit any technological innovation (e.g. IPv6 which provides for quality of service or net prejudice) nor provide any disincentives to telecommunications infrastructure investment.

Net Neutrality Essay
Hidden Reflex creates web browsers and privacy and security software. It was founded by Alok Bhardwaj and is based in Washington DC and Bangalore, India. Rob Malda, the founder of Slashdot is on our Board of Directors, and technology writer and privacy advocate Douglas Rushkoff is an advisor.

Our investors include the Washington Post Company.

We're Chromium and Mozilla experts.   We've built multiple web browsers including our own Chromium-based Epic Privacy Browser. We've built browsers for different platforms and devices. We've also built browser extensions for Chromium-based, Mozilla-based and other browsers.

With the extraordinary amount of online tracking by governments, internet service providers, and data collection groups, we felt a browser should tackle the privacy problem directly and built the Epic Privacy Browser. Other browsers' private browsing modes are ineffective -- when you close your incognito window, your browsing history is still on your local computer and your whole session was still tracked and saved by Google, your ISP and hundreds of data collectors. With Epic we built a browser which protects you against such pervasive tracking. Without online privacy, we don't have online freedom. We're driven by a few principles: what you search and browse online should always be private, Epic should be private by design, and Epic should 'just work' requiring no settings changes and without breaking the internet.

Alok Bhardwaj, Founder  [alok AT] was born in Texas and grew up in Virginia and Kansas. After earning a degree in philosophy from Princeton University, he worked in finance in equity research and as a mergers & acquisitions investment banker for technology and other companies. He has also been a teacher, a researcher and writer at the Columbia Business School, and co-founded a small advertising and educational services firm. Outside of technology his interests are cinema, art, poetry, and science.

We are hiring for our Bangalore office. Currently, we are seeking programmers as well as Marketing/Business Development professionals.
Profile: As a developer, you'll be working on products that hundreds of thousands and soon millions of people use every single day. It's both a great challenge and opportunity. You'll work on the Chromium platform to build desktop and mobile browsers. You should be familiar with web and client/server technologies.
Qualifications:You should have a deep knowledge of computer science fundamentals particularly object-oriented programming, algorithms, and data structures. You should have extensive experience coding in an at least one OOP language such as C++, java, python, et cetera. Knowledge of other programming languages and programming paradigms such as functional programming (haskell, ocaml, etc.), imperative programming (C), and others is also very helpful.
Marketing and Business Development Professionals
Profile: Your main responsibility will be to evangelize Hidden Reflex products to the world through the press and through community-building.You'll, thus, contact the press and members of the media to explain to them the innovations and benefits of our products. You'll also build communities around or in our products which includes making contacts with bloggers and independent websites via e-mail. For business development, you'll likely be Hidden Reflex's first point-of-contact, responsible for beginning conversations with other companies interested in becoming partners with us.
Qualifications: You must have superb English communication and writing skills and have a polite, professional demeanor. You should be an effective communicator, able to immediately develop a rapport with anyone, and an excellent writer, able to succinctly explain ideas as well as write with a creative flair. An interest and knowledge of software, the net, and technology in general is a big plus. No prior PR or corporate communications experience is necessary. You should be prepared to work flexible and long hours including possible late nights or night shifts.
Essential Personal Qualities: You should be independently motivated but also a good team member, efficient and brilliant at problem
solving, and interested deeply in technology. You should be passionate about developing innovative products and services and building a new company. Programmers should be of the hacker mindset--the sort of person who wrote a compiler or interpreter in college at night for fun. Our products and services have the potential to affect every net user so they're quite exciting but also quite challenging--be prepared to work very, very hard.
What We Offer: We are an equal opportunity employer. We offer an intense, challenging and flexible work environment; free gym membership and healthy, free meals; competitive compensation; and the potential for spectacular bonuses and equity.
To apply for a position, please email us a letter describing your interest in technology and desire to work for a startup and your CV to:

jobs at hiddenreflex dot com

For any queries feel free to contact our founder directly:

alok at hiddenreflex dot com

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